About us



Antigua Casa Crespo opened its doors in 1863 in Divino Pastor Street, a store dedicated to building materials like ropes, reed, and of course white and black espadrilles.

In the 70's, Martín Garbayo brought a great catalogue of colors for the espadrilles, what makes Antigua Casa Crespo known throughout society, receiving even the visit of Queen Sofía. 

Now, with Maxi Garbayo as fifth generation, we are more than 150 years making history under the same family, consolidating Antigua Casa Crespo as a must visiting store of hand made espadrilles. 


¡Not only sell by us, we also make them!

We come from a little town in La Rioja, Cervera del Río Alhama, with a long tradition of sewing espadrilles artesanally. 

There our family has the factory where each one of our espadrilles is made by hand, following the traditional process and making each pair an exclusive and unique product.